Project Description

The Florida Shelf Edge Exploration (FLoSEE) I expedition assessed and recorded baseline water column and seafloor data along Florida’s shelf edge. This cruise was part of NOAA’s response to the Deep-water Horizon oil spill “Down slope from popular shallow dive sites are lush and diverse live bottom habitats that are home to commercial fish species and perhaps a safe haven for fish and coral species that are suffering in shallower environments due to human and natural stressors,” said Shirley Pomponi, Ph.D., Executive Director of CIOERT…

FLOSEE II expedition provides access to more information on deep-sea corals and shelf edge reefs, the exploration technologies, and explorers on the expedition. Access the FLOSEE 2 Blog and check out the FLoSEE I and II Flickr photo stream. 

Read More and news  & news on the FLOSEE I Expedition and check out the FLoSEE I and II Flickr photo stream  or CNN’s report about our research