NOAA Cooperative Institute for

Ocean Exploration, Research & Technology


The NOAA Cooperative Institute for Ocean Exploration, Research & Technology (CIOERT) focuses on three main themes:

  • Exploration of the eastern U.S. continental shelf
  • Improving understanding of vulnerable sponge and coral ecosystems
  • Developing advanced underwater technologies

In addition, CIOERT is dedicated to building education, outreach, and workforce development. CIOERT’s primary NOAA partner is the OAR Office of Ocean Exploration and Research. CIOERT’s partner institutions and collaborators provide deep expertise in our theme areas and allows CIOERT to develop integrated, innovative projects that directly address NOAA needs and national priorities.

Explore With Us

  • Who We Are

    Meet the CIOERT support team.

  • Research Projects

    Learn more about the CIOERT theme areas of interest and current and past research projects.

  • Exploration

    Delve into CIOERT underwater exploration research cruises.


Our Capabilities


Explore ecosystems and habitats of scientific, geohazard, economic, or cultural importance.

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Research vulnerable coral and sponge ecosystems.

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Develop and transfer innovative underwater technology.

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Support education and outreach activities that promote ocean exploration and research.

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