Project Description

Semi‐Annual Report – South Atlantic Shelf‐edge MPAs and Deep‐water Coral HAPCs Summary of Accomplishments to Date (April 1, 2014–September 30, 2014)

Stacey Harter, Andrew David, John Reed

Shelf‐edge MPAs 2013 Pisces FINAL Cruise Report:
The Final Cruise Report for the 2013 Pisces cruise (310 pages) was completed and submitted to
the SAFMC in June 2014.

Reed, J.K., Stacey Harter, Stephanie Farrington, Andy David. 2014. South Atlantic MPAs and deepwater coral HAPCs: Characterization of Benthic Habitat and Biota; NOAA Ship Pisces 2013 cruise. NOAA CIOERT Report. 310 pp.

For each dive site, the following data is provided:

  1. Cruise and ROV dive metadata
  2. Figures showing each ROV dive track and habitat zone overlaid on multibeam sonar maps
  3. Dive track data (start and end latitude, longitude, depth)
  4. Site objectives
  5. General description of the habitat and biota
  6. Images of the biota and habitat that characterize the dive site.
  7. CPCe 4.1© Coral Point Count analysis of percent cover of benthic biota and substrate type
  8. Density analysis of fish populations.

In addition, Primer statistical analysis compares dive sites within the MPAs and adjacent sites outside the MPAs.


Harter S, David A, Reed JK, Farrington S. 2013. Semi-annual report. South Atlantic shelf-edge MPAs and deep-water coral HAPCs. Summary of accomplishments, April 1, 2013 to September 30, 2013. HBOI Technical Report No. 145. p. 5.